Mac D

I never really eat Mac Donald’s. I adore their coned ice creams; it’s cheap; it’s the best; creamiest vanilla ice cream around.

Growing up as a kid; parents would take us to the mall now and then. We were poor people; getting a meal in MAC d is like what… once a year ?

On good days; we get the ice cream. Brothers and I would be delighted just to get the ice cream; back then was like; maybe 50 cents a cone.

You know kids love ice creams; and when we wanted them and parents just didn’t have enough money to get it for us. Was like; whyyyy ? , but I want.


Now; I’m an adult; I can easily afford as many ice creams I want. I’m humbled by my parents financial struggles; and the problem they have had just having us and dealing with not enough money. I think that’s the worst kind of problem anyone can have; just trying to survive.

These days my problem is that; my parcel is not here quick enough; which dress to buy; I stand before the aisle full of choices; I’m able to pay for anything I want but I can’t decide. Which country should I visit; Which job to pick; being ghosted by men; which restaurants to choose; I’m complaining because I need to queue to buy food; the cab fare is 3X if it’s usual. These are problems; but such problems. I am beyond grateful for the journey; from where I was to where I am. I am so blessed. Entirely blessed.


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