From Black to Colours.

Brightening up the vast skies and adding colours to the dull canvas.
The skies are dull just before the dawn. The darkest.

Then you see a glimmer of light. like a slice of cheese. Then growing rapidly. It then turns the sky greyish blue, sometimes purplish.

When the sun comes. You get to see burst of orange and pink accentuated with yellow.

And today – having the energy and time to see this. Totally blew me away. Makes me appreciate today more than every other rushed day.

So to speak, it fills my brain, fills my soul. Lets me rest.
The breeze in my face – takes me to another world with a different dimension. I find inspiration in times like these. Almost giving me new pair of eyes, new sense of smell to experience the same things differently.

So to speak of my love for quiet Sundays.

So much love.

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