Scrambled brains.

Sometimes I wonder, why it is so damn difficult to just be.
To just accept things without reasons and explanation. Is it because we are eager, or because we are way more educated.

If its because we are more educated, then why the questions people ask sounds so much more, less and less smart.

2) and the projections people have on me. Is immense. I think people over estimate me by how I look. I’m much less than that. I’m just like you and him. Or her. Ordinary.

3) I can’t wait to fall in love all over again. To feel fully consumed by emotions. Caring about someone way more than I care about myself, where love runs both ways, and things are easy and breezy. No complicated talks or feelings. Just easy and straight. Where the world seems brighter, and the food taste better. The sadness weighs lesser, happiness doubles. The joy multiplies, the bitterness never lingers for too long. The space seems smaller but the light is brighter. The laughter is two combined in one. Silliness multiples and the belly is often happier.

Feelings are rare. Love feelings are rare for me.

Two Big Waves.

Watching the world go by, sky colour is changing dramatically.
Its been a while, the writing bug has left me for a while. While I was in the daze, many waves has come and gone.

My heart sank when the director of my division announced of his departure, happening late next month.I’m pretty sure there was a moment I was like – WHAT? What am I hearing? Is this really happening. I’m pretty sure everyone in that meeting room experienced the same feeling.
This man was unreasonable – not in a bad way. He is the definition of demanding. But I have never seen someone so passionate before. Ever.
He has the vision, he has the direction and he could command and is a man who can always deliver.

Was indeed tough to be working with him,but was a privilege. A golden one.

Food for thought,
If trying is really exhausting and it hurts. Why don’t we all just stop trying to be, and just be ?

I’m craving for vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.
Anyone on the same page?!

Here and There.

Is deeply moved by grown men who loves and care for their mom deeply.

And this soundtrack makes me want to quiet down everything and breathe.

How sad is it that people whom you thought were friends, is greatly tarnishing the meaning of the word ‘friend’.

The Lunar New Year was filled with laughter,food, love, joy and more food.

Must watch.

Lately, I have been having a much deeper relationship with the moon. And my love for it, is getting serious.

Did you know that crabs can change gender in different temperatures?

When I leave loved ones, or they leave me. A huge wave of emotions crashes over me, and then I have a huge lump in my throat. Always leave me in tears. Because I want them close, and time is fleeting.

I can’t believe I’m so happy to be back at work. So happy.

Women and Behaviours.

Some men do not respect women.

I do not know why, but I’m constantly surrounded by people like that. And I feel the need to tell you that you guys can stop being jerks now and be respectful.

A lady is not an object. She is not here for you to use her, in anyway – for sex, or something for you to hold so you do not feel lonely. You are not to use her beauty, like, as if she’s some kind of trophy you fought for.

Respect doesn’t only come in that form. It also comes from the way you talk to her. Even if her opinions are not yours, you will not belittle her or to label her as ‘weird’. This is respect – you accept although it doesn’t align with your principles or values.

A man, should lead, they are born to lead. But you are never to make a lady feel less of a being just because she’s a lady. When a lady says NO, it means NO. You shouldn’t use emotional blackmailing to get what you want. That is downright disgusting… and disgusting, especially for men who are older than me. Shame on you. Using emotions to get what you want.
Scenario : The crying kid in the mart, trying to get his mom to buy him candy.

You know what, let me tell you what makes a man.

He means what he says, and he takes responsibility of his words spoken.

He carries the groceries. He changes the lightbulbs for you.He makes you coffee. He puts your needs before his. He takes your NO like a man. He accepts your opinions, without making you small. He wants the best for you. He wants you to grow. He willingly takes out the trash. He buys you chocolate cake when you need it the most – without asking. He leads you. He makes you breakfast. He buys you stuffs, just because. He waits for you. He gives without expecting.

Note that I have not talked about money, status and knowledge a man should posses.
Because you need to get the basics right before the small stuffs.

Here and There, and Everywhere.

Such a pleasure to meet you, now that I know you’re as boring as a brick. You can see yourself to the door.

He face was all moody and gloomy.

I wore a yellow shirt and looked like the sun.

and this song is in my head.

The room was well dimmed, and he said I missed you back.

I refuse to accept that I’m a cold person.

Maybe I am.


Waiting like an excited kid, for this movie.

I fell in love all over again with playing the piano.