That Tamed Cup.

There are many things in life we don’t value. Which we take for granted everyday, when life just passes by and you forgot how important they were like, how excited you were when you first got something.

I have this beautiful cup. It is a pleasantly mild pink in colour with white polka dots.I didn’t exactly love it. But every morning It holds my world of happiness in it. Happiness in a cup.

I didn’t really cared about it until one day – it’s gone. I’m guessing someone took it. Guess what; I felt anxious and was jumpy; I really want my cup back. It kinda affected me a little, for a while.

Everyday for a long time, whenever I stepped into the pantry – I’ll look out for my cup. But everyday a little lesser in terms of my curiosity and excitement to see if my cup was there.

After about a month. I saw someone holding it;walking into the pantry.

Owh my cup. where have you beennnnnnnnn????
I wanted to tell it that I missed it, and I was looking high and low for it. You have no idea how delighted I was when I saw that cup. I immediately knew it was mine.

But – when I saw that It was stained with coffee, with someone else’s coffee; and was tamed by someone else. Suddenly all my urge to get it back failed me there and then.

I didnt bother to even ask it back.

I had to let it go. And I did with a cheerful heart.

Someone else has tamed my cup. And you’re forever responsible for what you have tamed. All that time spent together. All that aromatic coffee and shared kisses.

And so it goes with life – I’m going to let go.

Whether Weather

01 Times Like These

Having some serious trouble trying to shake off a certain grey cloud



But I’m just gonna let it be.

Because life is as such.

P/S : Have a fabulous day!



Not everything that is bright, is good, is the light.

Some are sparkly, some are blinding, some entice you with their beauty, and promises the world.

Not everything that is beautiful is beautiful.





I love that I get to see the sunrise every morning; watching the colours in the sky change makes me feel blessed. I love honest people, honest emotions. I love the look on peoples face when they get something they want. I love how emotional people get when their favourite character dies. I love the smell of freshly cut grass; and how I am totally immersed with my inner child when I’m playing in the rain.

I love that I laugh out loud so much – to the extend it annoys people enough for them to call me silly and crazy. I love the moment when I close my eyes and get drifted to somewhere.. into the clouds. I love seeing new places and travelling. I love eating and cooking.I definitely love maths and arts at the same time.

I love people who admit they are weak. I love individuals who are different – they somehow let me  be who I truly am inside. I love that I am not strong all the time, I love that I feel both extremes of emotions. I love that I breakdown sometimes and I love that I am so macho sometimes. I love that I sometimes have all the answers; and yet can be totally clueless as well.

I love that I love myself; well of course there are days I do not. But I do somehow.

Monday Mantra

Today was a long long day. Filled with duties and datelines. With a handful of reports to be done in a hurry but accurately, and minor but importantly urgent task to be zoomed into and to be delegated out.

Done with perfection.

Exhaustion is taking over me. Sleepless nights, anxious spirit, and forever curious soul, perfection-seeking persona, workaholic in a nutshell.

And the beautiful part of this moment as I’m hitting the key buttons, is that I’m appreciating and drinking in the beauty every part of my thoughts, my emotions and my physical exhaustion. This feeling of satisfaction; that I have given my all for this day. I am thoroughly expired.



Its tiring, but it’s worth it.

Fore Word.

Hello peeps, you made it to my second post. Good job!

This white space is entirely just for pure pleasure; and outlet to express how beautiful life is from lenses; my raw unconstructed thoughts and twisted sense of logic. I’m honest; to the point of blunt sometimes.

I will be very careful with all my post, to make sure that this blog, is real. Especially in our social media driven world, where every picture needs a filter, the perfect relationship drops from an apple tree, the sink is never filled with dishes and people love their jobs every day, all day. You get the point – where everyone’s life seem so much glossier than ours, than mine. You can definitely expect to get raw thoughts and emotions, and also how entirely happy I am at some points in my life, followed by disappointing and soul-gripping days.

If you’re up for this roller coaster ride, 🙂 Read on;

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