Sunday is my favourite day of the week.

Maybe its because it used to be one of the days my family come together for brunch. Or because its a day we do stuffs together. Now that I’m not with them. It’s the day I get to breathe a little slower. Read stuffs. Cook stuffs. Clean stuffs. Work on stuffs.

There’s something about Sundays.

Today I had that 3 hour workout – my ovaries did some planking too. Of course I’m feeling like a winner from all that endorphin released into my blood streams. Then I had a winner’s breakfast. Owh – peanut butter. And I’m having the best latte in the world – served by people who are happy to serve you coffee.

Then I bombard myself with silly stuffs that makes me happy. like this love and this effort . Then there;s this article which hit every nerve and molecule in me. Grand gestures of support and love. And what I really feel on a weekday – everyday.

And a massive dose of what i would like to call my passion.

Don’t you just feel a little more glad on Sundays?

Inspiration comes flooding in like 100 times more on any other day. Maybe it’s because I’m actually focusing on my breathing.

Do you want to see what colours were painted on my eyes last Sunday. Some of the best moments in life are the ones I can’t tell anyone about. No matter how I translate. I’m gonna attach a picture. But let me tell you that a picture can only tell you SO much. My world through my lenses.



Friends I Made.


Such a beauty. He is only 5 – obedient;and he has a kind of calmness that I don’t own. and He loves to be patted.

I hate to see them being used in this manner. They should be free. Running around in the wild.