Little slices of joy.

Happiness/contentment is huge work.

I think it’s a universal struggle, everyone tries to reach that state of mind. Some see it as an end point ( and then that’s all you focus on, and you can’t see what Is front of you). Some also expect, to find it or receive it in form of a Box.

For me, it happens is small little amounts, and then I accumulate it throughout the day, and most of the time it makes me realise how much I have, how contented I am.

There’s a mini firework when my Boyfriend greets me with a kiss.

Imagine the moment my body hits the bed, so much joy.

When the Niece wants to give me a hug, becuase we haven’t spoke in a long time.

Or even, when my tastebud jumps for joy when I have some good carrot cake.

And when I need to take the bus, and it comes 2 seconds after I arrived at the bus stop.



This and that

The world is so big, so vast. I am so small, i want many things in this life, and I think all my wants are big, so big they overwhelm me sometimes. But they are small, and mostly not necessary at all.

I gained new eyes, I gained new experiences as well. I had the chance to experience warmth, and beautiful people of a different culture.

I met beautiful women, helpful souls, good men. Walked the alleys of Old Delhi, had some seriously tasty and (warm!) food. I shivered in the cold and watch men wrapped themselves in shawls. Took a couple ( 3982374976324 selfies ). Surprised at the number of men who loves their pictures to be taken. Had the most flavorful vegetarian sandwich at this quaint cafe.

Solitary travelling can seem daunting, it was quickly comforted with alot of chai tea in this winter. Had so many doors opened for me, beautiful windows for me, to see the near and far. When I am so engrossed with my future in front of me, i take a moment to look above – always marveled at the site above., the carved ceilings, so many birds in skies of India, have you wondered why ? I took the train, and saw that the sun grows from the ground. Walked within the walls of Taj Mahal – a husbands’ act of love and commitment to his beloved wife.

I saw the sun say goodbye, and saw it say hello to the world. Also, when the sun spoke to the moon as well. And all the kids who flew their kites from the rooftop.

Was exhilarating and calm at the same time. I wondered if i could replicate this in my everyday life. Yes i can, but its normally filled with KPIs, I watched the sun set, but with many wired thoughts in my head, without peace in my heart. I dont even hear myself breathing at times. Breaks like this, helps me align on what i really need.



He wears a navy blue sweater, with a burgundy red beanie. His classic grey pants, the fabric is shiny now becuase it’s aged. And his black leather shoes.

He has a round belly. His face is round and cute, his cheeks pink and healthy.

He is happy to see me. He hugs me tightly. He is happy to see me.

We met in a train station.


Where have you been dad. Where have you been. I have missed you, what seem like a thousand years.