Me to you

If there are things I would ask for, I would ask for peace of mind. Calmness in my heart and liver. Bigger heart to love deeply and consumingly. The capacity to help those around me. Kindness to accept, and allow people to love  me. Unending desire to learn and see new things.

If there are things I could ask for, I would ask to see daddy one more time. To hear him nag one last time. To right the wrongs. For healthy family and friends. To form  deeper and quality relationships, to practice patience (so important), to know it’s ok to just breathe on some days.

But tonight, I’m going to ask for him to get the things that he wants. May You bless him with his heart desires, he has shown me compassion, kindness and love and i hope that You could return the favour. If your path for him is to shine light in other places. So be it, nothing good ever stems out of selfishness. I’m scared. But I’m confident it will be ok.

I want to take a moment to be thankful.

thank you, for all the blessings.

They looked like clowns, jumping around, trying to show their latest act. Paraded before me like a slow motion clip.

I refuse to flinch, or react.

Simply becuase, no one is dying. The scale of this, is that no one is dying.


Life is messy, and living it to the full can be very untidy, all over the place. Emotions, possessions, bodily functions, it’s all one big colourful mess. There is so much going on in contemporary life and we have so many options and ideas readily available to us that it’s so easy to be overwhelmed.

Accept the untidy mess, welcome what you can do with it. The act of acceptance can help you create the space on enjoying life.

Can help me at least.

Let it be, let it be

Let it be, let it be,

There will be an answer, let it be.




But, history was not made, by those who let it be, and did nothing.