Super day

Lately, I have been feeling a little sorry for myself. And you know the thoughts in your head will capitalise on moments like these or such periods.

where you start doubting and questioning every step or intentions. Sometimes even your very being or mind on what you would think or see things

purpose in life is why we wake up Everyday. i love the job, but the purpose far superceeds the utility level here. And not everyone is blessed to be able to love the job and still carry out the purpose. Normally one is a by product of another. Yes, no? Yes.

Today Joanne asked how old am I. I answered her proudly, without flinching, “30”.

She continued, ” I’m 25, I want to be like you when I’m 30. There are people in the office that are 29,30 but I want to be successful like you”

A sigh of relief. Must have done something right.

These are the moments i live for.


Be still my beating heart

Pace yourself love. Pace yourself.

deep breaths in, deep breaths out. You need to summon the courage; so pick it all up and use it wisely.

you can do this. And there’s no turning back.

I am baffled by the fact that I have tons of clothes but I have nothing to wear

I’m excited to showcase my old shoes, with a new clean look. But it rained today, and I had to step in a puddle of water to get to the other side. it’s now soiled.

and that’s the way life is sometimes.

Friday Feels.

I thought of you abit daddy. Miss you big time. Want to give you a big big big big big hug, and tell you all the things that happened to me. Let me sit for a while, and tell you.

What’s in your basket.

Sunday; grocery shopping time.

I’ve got grapefruit, spinach, zuchinni (current obsession), red bell pepper; pumpkin (don’t know why i bought this- it requires energy to slice them and longer cooking time until they are tender),  eggs, corn, tuna and mackerel.

unsweetened almond milk, organic chocolate, and

two packets full of everything sugar. The green tea ice cream was disappointing though.


Last month’a craze was chips. Lol. And the month before that was butter cookies.