Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, is a day of mourning – the death of Jesus Christ.

And when He died, everyone that loved Him was met by grief. Little that anyone knew that a Sunday would come, that happiness would come around the next day, a day to celebrate and to give thanks for.

Out of death rose life.

There will always be Saturdays in your life – be it the Saturday last for 24 hours, a month, a year, 10 years, but Easter will come. Alongside that, you can always find (momentarily) happiness in waiting and mourning. Breathe in each day that you’re in.

And when Easter comes, you celebrate in awe. All things are given in His timing.


Happy Easter

Say a little prayer

If you (ever have the capacity) the privilege and have the upper hand to choose who you can (want to) be.

Choose to reach out, choose to be responsible.Choose to tell the truth, choose to take opportunities. Choose to bridge the gap, choose to make things better. Choose kindness for yourself, and for others.

And of course there will be times, where and when you have no capacity to choose, because you are tired and weary because selfish and bad people exist, love falls apart and shitty things happens.

Choose to be thankful for all that you have- even in the midst of losing, Choose to be grateful for how far you have come, Choose to see the bigger picture, choose to walk away, choose to breathe and choose to be kind to yourself. Choose to see your worth from all the different eyes who loves you dearly.