Now and then

This is my third draft, writing seems to difficult now. Can’t seem to convey the feelings inside me.

I have been here a couple of times, but I left because, most of the time. I need time to think on how to place my words strategically. Time – is an expensive commodity. More often, the urgency of the world seems more .. urgent.

Today, is the second day of my medical leave. My doctor challenged me to take 2 days off instead of 1, because he said that I need a lot of rest to fully recover. Because what he said, had so much logic in it – I can’t deny him of his request, in addition, my body feels like it got hit by a truck. Driving to the doctor was a difficult task itself. He also mentioned that I need to take it easyyyyyyy. EASIER SAID THAN DONE for me at least.

I want to say that, I have met so many kind souls lately and I think God has placed them there for me. And I am truly grateful for that. Not to mention Rachel, my one and only person. And there’s Olivia who has been such a joy to be around with.

Mom’s birthday is coming up, so is dad’s death anniversary.