sick like something very sick

Greetings, straight up from bed.

I’m bored. But not well enough to even leave the house. I’m wishing for bread. and doughnuts. These would be very nice. Served on a platter.


What do you this about this article?
No doubts about it.I think she’s absolutely right.

Can you imagine this amazing idea?

OCD is it.

Mentally drained. It’s a crowded scene up in my head. Too many thought too little space, or brain cells or however you wanna put it.


Was like every other day. I went work and ended up stressed.

I had a throbbing headache. I was hungry too. My shoulders were stiff and my neck was hurting.

I was frustrated because I had no keys to go home. I remember calling my sister almost 20 times to get my keys so that I can go home .

My mind was just thoroughly exhausted.

I was in the car driving. And it was like every other day.

Except today, I ran into a bike because I wasn’t present in the moment.

My world stopped at I saw them flew in the air. The next thing I know, they were lying on the street.

I couldnt breathe. I just couldn’t breathe. I was trembling with fear. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to call.

I called. No one answered. Where was everyone when you actually need them.

I have never felt so terrified and alone. Before…

I just remember after making sure the guys were ok. I was roaming on the streets crying.

Such a baby.

Scrambled brains.

Sometimes I wonder, why it is so damn difficult to just be.
To just accept things without reasons and explanation. Is it because we are eager, or because we are way more educated.

If its because we are more educated, then why the questions people ask sounds so much more, less and less smart.

2) and the projections people have on me. Is immense. I think people over estimate me by how I look. I’m much less than that. I’m just like you and him. Or her. Ordinary.

3) I can’t wait to fall in love all over again. To feel fully consumed by emotions. Caring about someone way more than I care about myself, where love runs both ways, and things are easy and breezy. No complicated talks or feelings. Just easy and straight. Where the world seems brighter, and the food taste better. The sadness weighs lesser, happiness doubles. The joy multiplies, the bitterness never lingers for too long. The space seems smaller but the light is brighter. The laughter is two combined in one. Silliness multiples and the belly is often happier.

Feelings are rare. Love feelings are rare for me.

Two Big Waves.

Watching the world go by, sky colour is changing dramatically.
Its been a while, the writing bug has left me for a while. While I was in the daze, many waves has come and gone.

My heart sank when the director of my division announced of his departure, happening late next month.I’m pretty sure there was a moment I was like – WHAT? What am I hearing? Is this really happening. I’m pretty sure everyone in that meeting room experienced the same feeling.
This man was unreasonable – not in a bad way. He is the definition of demanding. But I have never seen someone so passionate before. Ever.
He has the vision, he has the direction and he could command and is a man who can always deliver.

Was indeed tough to be working with him,but was a privilege. A golden one.

Food for thought,
If trying is really exhausting and it hurts. Why don’t we all just stop trying to be, and just be ?

I’m craving for vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.
Anyone on the same page?!

One Big Wave.

This and this

Makes every molecule in my body vibrates. Melancholic. Telling me a story of its own.

Reminds me of dear times. And beautiful moments.

Warm hugs, pretty smiles.
When my skin feels the rain.
Wind in my hair and no worries in my head.
Breathing in happy air with arms wide open..
Watching the moon and stars with a bottle of wine.
Giggles and laughters.
Warm blanket and chocolate.
Good books on a rainy day.

I’m feeling so much love today. Like a big huge love.
I’m afraid I’m gonna burst.

Here and There.

Is deeply moved by grown men who loves and care for their mom deeply.

And this soundtrack makes me want to quiet down everything and breathe.

How sad is it that people whom you thought were friends, is greatly tarnishing the meaning of the word ‘friend’.

The Lunar New Year was filled with laughter,food, love, joy and more food.

Must watch.

Lately, I have been having a much deeper relationship with the moon. And my love for it, is getting serious.

Did you know that crabs can change gender in different temperatures?

When I leave loved ones, or they leave me. A huge wave of emotions crashes over me, and then I have a huge lump in my throat. Always leave me in tears. Because I want them close, and time is fleeting.

I can’t believe I’m so happy to be back at work. So happy.