Giving Thanks

1) My brains are working. Period.

2) Best freaking job in the whole wide world – this opinion fluctuates from north to south. Haha.

3) I’m surrounded by people who loves me in a big way.

4) God. Thank you. Seriously. I know You should be number 1. I’m working on it. Thanks for always listening to me and what my heart has to say. Thank you for always reminding my conscience that I have to be kind, positive, good – it is very difficult – sometimes I really can’t – I want to jump and scream and shout and kill – but You always help me. Because being kind,positive and good is so very difficult, I have to thank You for the energy that you give me. Even when it’s not enough – thank You for the money you bless me with, so that I can buy coffee to feed my brains . And along with all that good food that makes me chubby. So much to thank You for. Look into my heart.


Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast.
How is anyone going to catch up with you?

How can you enjoy the coffee,
or make friends at this pace.

Shortcuts sometimes slows you down,
Put your thinking caps away.

Breathe your time away.

Places and Dimensions

I remember travelling in the wee hours to hike, to see the most beautiful sunrise.

But little did I know. The stars in the sky took my breathe away far more than the sunrise itself.
Standing there, as the stars parade.
Randomly scattered. So near yet so far.
Ten of thousands of them, twinkling right in front of me.

So near yet so far. As if I could reach out and touch them.

The best backdrop I have ever seen.
If you stay long enough, listen hard enough.
You can almost hear them translating a beautiful story line to you.
I felt like it was enough. It satisfy me in ways like no other.
Helped me look at life before me in a whole new dimension.

And it’s a pretty damn beautiful dimension.

Here’s to many more of these moments; watching the same stars, from different parts of the world.