When Auntie fucks up

Weekend Cereal Date with the Cuties.


I was super late .. and Olivia was waiting for me a long long time.. she called me twice and asked where was I. Guilty as charged.

I need to work on that, especially with kiddos, I can’t bear to break their little hearts. But I brought my make up bag ( we have been playing pretend make-up for a while now ). So she got the chance to play with real make up this time, and she was delighted. I also gave her my perfume as apology to her, for being late. She was of course delighted.


Here, she’s pissed as fuck with me, she can’t even look at me. I’m terrible,

The boy has FINALLY warmed up with me after 2.5 years. David knows my name now, and he reaches out to me instead of the other way around. It took him 2.5 years. TWO POINT FIVE YEARS DEAR LORD.