Hurt people, hurt people.

Unhappy people create unhappy vibes.


Conversations with her

Today Olivia told me that, people die.

I think my brother has been teaching her about life and death. So when i met her, after exchanging lines of how much we missed each other. She told me, someday we will die. Most likely Mama (my mom) will be next to die. I understand her concept.

So then i said, thats right, normally the oldest people die first, but sometimes, just sometimes , Olivia or me, or her daddy can die first, which ever one God loves more and wants back.

She was Nooooooooo, Mama is going to die first. Haha, too cute. So i said yes, yes, let’s follow what you said. Mama will be the next to die.




At Chinese New Year, i was preparing food for my family.

So i couldn’t play with her or colour with her. So she hung out around the kitchen because that’s where all the ladies were. She’s very curious and just loves helping around.

So we were all preparing garlic, just peeling them. And we sat her down and taught her how to do it. She was very patient, she sat there and just looked, observed and followed suit.

After a while she said ” This needs alot of patience, it is not easy “. I am impressed.

And when she finished the assigned number of garlic, she clapped her hands.


This little lady, what a joy to be around with.


Mac D

I never really eat Mac Donald’s. I adore their coned ice creams; it’s cheap; it’s the best; creamiest vanilla ice cream around.

Growing up as a kid; parents would take us to the mall now and then. We were poor people; getting a meal in MAC d is like what… once a year ?

On good days; we get the ice cream. Brothers and I would be delighted just to get the ice cream; back then was like; maybe 50 cents a cone.

You know kids love ice creams; and when we wanted them and parents just didn’t have enough money to get it for us. Was like; whyyyy ? , but I want.


Now; I’m an adult; I can easily afford as many ice creams I want. I’m humbled by my parents financial struggles; and the problem they have had just having us and dealing with not enough money. I think that’s the worst kind of problem anyone can have; just trying to survive.

These days my problem is that; my parcel is not here quick enough; which dress to buy; I stand before the aisle full of choices; I’m able to pay for anything I want but I can’t decide. Which country should I visit; Which job to pick; being ghosted by men; which restaurants to choose; I’m complaining because I need to queue to buy food; the cab fare is 3X if it’s usual. These are problems; but such problems. I am beyond grateful for the journey; from where I was to where I am. I am so blessed. Entirely blessed.