All my dreams are running wild, I’m gonna chase them down.


The Things that you have, they are the results.

Hey you;

The achievements, the money, the love, the contentment. All these that you have achieved, they are not there because you have succeeded, these are the results. There is no one cheering you on.

The cheering is when you’re at your lowest, taking the next step forward. That is success. That is loving life, that is living. That is you showing how much you have learnt, and keeping the faith.



For all that I have, it is not mine. Can’t truly say that I have achieve anything, or what is mine, what is not mine.

The mind is mine, the heart, and the healthy body, and the thoughts. And the actions, and the energy that i suck in, and i give out to everyone.

Life has been so good to me. I would be ashamed to say otherwise. Give thanks for all the things, the smallest things matters the most.


If you’re an iPhone user, Apple makes these set of memories for you from time to time.

And today, Apple reminded me that I have a new memory of S,  and there it is. A compilation of moments, of him and us.

The world finds a away for me to lay all my ducks in a row and face them straight in the face.


Truth is, i miss you, miss you. really miss you.