I do and I don’t

I think sometimes when i don’t think, things turn out better. Rather than anticipating everything in a very mathematical and statistical way.

Can I think of less things ? I shouldn’t think so much of what I think.


That feeling.

For a long long time, I haven’t had this warm and fuzzy feeling. That one feeling that makes me feel at peace, and sort of taken care of. Like as if someone understood things and how I truly feel on the inside.

I’m 30 but i still struggle to understand this cloud of feelings. Today, someone reminded me what Love is, it is loving – through, both the good and bad times. Crying AND laughing together.

Holding hands and tiding through together.

I think for a long time, I wasn’t willing to look or be open to the part that its both the good and bad. I wanted the good, and easy, and the fast, and the visible. I forgot that in this life, there are a lot of bad and unspoken, uncomfortable things that people go through (and i forgot i go through it too).

Today I learn a little more about love.


If you need a fix, or to be fixed.

Im. Not. The. Fixing. Kind.


Fix yourself.