Things are getting a little out of hand. Actually I’m getting a little out of hand. Seem to have zero control over the things around me, and whats worst – I seem to be losing grip of myself. I might have been a little harsh on myself lately – this expectation that i need to meet solely made up by me. haha. silly me. Its Friday and i finally got my keys to my apartment. I’m starting to find my ground in this new place. It has not been a long time, but i can see now who are the people i can work with, together and who are ready to fight battles, side-by-side. Which is great- this segregation of people helps me know who are worth it and who are not. I was feeling a little upset with myself because I was so preoccupied with adjusting I forgot how to feel. How to truly be present. It was daddy’s birthday but i couldnt find time to think and reflect about him, because I was too busy feeling tired.

Rest girl, rest. You need it.