If I were to tell you how blessed I am. You wouldn’t have the time for it.

Even I cant believe how blessed I am.

Dad and God has opened every path possible for me.
Everything that I have thought about, asked, questioned, and requested. Has one way or another present itself in front of me.
In His timing, of course.

Couldn’t for more, and for the pasts few days, I have been enlighten that I should stop asking for me.
Simple because everytime I expect more, I get more stressed and upset and then I try to buy happiness with money.
Nothing fills me but emptiness.

So, I’m just going to work hard to have more power to give, to empower, to guide, to fight for the underprivileged, the forsaken
For the people who can’t stand up, who cannot have a voice for themselves.
I will be their voice. I will fight for them.

And all is possible, only with Him.

May you, and papa. Continue to love me, and guide me when the going gets tough.
Help me know there’s no fairness in this world. Widen my wisdom to discern wisely on when
to love, when to cry, when to work harder, when to walk away.
Help me see things in dimensions I cannot.
Open my eyes.