Thank You note.

And he asked, “So, what is your birthday wish ? A Bf, a soulmate? ”

I paused.

I wanted to say that I wished my dad was alive. But then, I know, how ridiculous I would have sounded. So I say something that normal human beings can understand, things and feelings that they almost can relate to. So I say, ” I hope that all my loved ones are healthy, and no one died on me the next coming year” ( And I sincerely do wish that )

Because no one, can understand the pain, or the emptiness, that cannot be filled with money, material or even short term laughters.

As much as you have turn my world upside down, you have also turned my world inside out. You have made me grown through so much, learnt mountains of challenges. Through it all, I have grown as a being, for the better. No complaints too big, my rice bowl is full and filled. I have a roof over my head. I have been terribly blessed, and it just keeps getting better.

I need to celebrate and be thankful, this life of mine. So, despite my downs, I have my ups too.

I wished you were here, to at least reap a little fraction of the seeds I sowed.

You would have been proud pa. And you, are, always, deeply missed.

And now, a call from you to tell me how you love me, will make my life.

The effect of Love

You are the exception to all rules. You make me happy, and thoughts of you, brings warm gushes of love, and extreme comfort to my soul, and my heart.

You make me feel save, taken care of, looked- after. You make me feel, like, I’m deeply loved. You make me feel like everything-is-going-to-be-ok.

If you can see the thousands tears I have shed, in the name of love. Please dad, come comfort me. Today, bring me some love, that no other man can provide.

I have missed you dearly.