What time gives, it taketh away

Time, one of the many things we have no control over. We just make good use of it. Some plan it wisely, some glide through it, some experience it, some work against it. Nonetheless, all of us give time most of our heavy lifting.

Healing that heartache, that grieve that we all have absolutely no clue on how to nurse. Leaving time to answer all our questions about things we can never understand, except to experience it again and again – only able to do so with time. All the waiting for the cake to rise, all the hard work in between your last and next promotion. Watching all the stars in the sky, and the sun rising next again. All the love and kisses in between dates.

What time gives you, it takes away. As much as it gives you hope, it takes away your hope. As much as it gives you comfort and space. It gives you nothing but pain as well.


The sweetness, that bitterness

There is a bottle of honey up in my kitchen cabinet. It has a orange cover. I think it would taste pretty good. Except, I’m reluctant to open it. I’m afraid that it will soon deplete and I have to throw the bottle away.

So, I do not even touch it. I can’t even bear to touch it. Like all the other perishable products that dad gave me. That honey was the last thing papa gave me. I don’t even want to use it, don’t want to touch it. So that it stays forever in the exact same position.

Like my love for you, and your love for me dad. Forever. I miss you so so much. Your love is like a warm blanket, your smiles are warm, laughter are rare but flamboyant.

Miss you much daddy.