Fore Word.

Hello peeps, you made it to my second post. Good job!

This white space is entirely just for pure pleasure; and outlet to express how beautiful life is from lenses; my raw unconstructed thoughts and twisted sense of logic. I’m honest; to the point of blunt sometimes.

I will be very careful with all my post, to make sure that this blog, is real. Especially in our social media driven world, where every picture needs a filter, the perfect relationship drops from an apple tree, the sink is never filled with dishes and people love their jobs every day, all day. You get the point – where everyone’s life seem so much glossier than ours, than mine. You can definitely expect to get raw thoughts and emotions, and also how entirely happy I am at some points in my life, followed by disappointing and soul-gripping days.

If you’re up for this roller coaster ride, 🙂 Read on;

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